In this feature length documentary meet the most prolific, most accomplished, least boastful person in America. Brilliant and humble, that's him, alright. That's Jacob Appel.

Full film to come to this site after festival run is complete.

Find out more about Jacob’s work at www.jacobmappel.com

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Bigger Than You

written & directed by Jon Stahl

A girl who thinks she's the biggest person in the world learns to finally accept herself for what she is. Small. 3 Time Winner! Reel 13 Short Film Contest, Official Selection 2012 Kidsfilmfest, 2012 LA Shorts Festival.

Watch through the end of the credits for the finale!


created by Jon Stahl

A web series about some seriously not-serious teachers.


Best Comedy, 2012 Super Shorts Fest, London, England

Gisele takes on janitorial duties; Bill Winkler teachers the Ewok Celebration song to some kids; Whit & Dr. Phillips, Principal of prestigious Powell Academy, discuss their schools differing examples of field trips.
Gisele fills in as school nurse; The staff discusses how to split up this year's teacher merit pay.