“Polymaths have always been a curiosity to society at large. What is it, exactly, that makes these people so different? Is their intellect a burden or a gift? Are they satisfied? Are they happy? In JACOB, Jon Stahl attempts to answer many of these questions with regard to Jacob F. Appel - a doctor, lawyer, bioethicist, author, poet, professor, and tour guide, who seems to have lived several lives concurrently. Approaching the man both through direct interviews and the testimonies of his friends, Stahl considers Appel through an emotional lens, rather than an intellectual one.

The most striking thing might not be the reams of published material in Appel’s name, but rather the rejection letters that adorn his home – 21,000 by his count. Even someone so precocious and learned must endure a constant stream of refusal. This revelation is part of Stuhl’s mission – to humanise the gifted. That sounds bizarre, but contextualising that even geniuses can fail, and do exist beyond their incredible, evident successes, is to better understand them. It is that which Stahl is most interested in doing – and he undoubtedly succeeds.”

—Milo Garner

Raindance Film Festival

Find out more about Jacob’s work at www.jacobmappel.com

JACOB now available for streaming on your TV and devices on Amazon Prime Video.


Bigger Than You

written & directed by Jon Stahl

A girl who thinks she's the biggest person in the world learns to finally accept herself for what she is. Small. 3 Time Winner! Reel 13 Short Film Contest, Official Selection 2012 Kidsfilmfest, 2012 LA Shorts Festival.

Watch through the end of the credits for the finale!


created by Jon Stahl

A web series about some seriously not-serious teachers.


Best Comedy, 2012 Super Shorts Fest, London, England

Gisele takes on janitorial duties; Bill Winkler teachers the Ewok Celebration song to some kids; Whit & Dr. Phillips, Principal of prestigious Powell Academy, discuss their schools differing examples of field trips.
Gisele fills in as school nurse; The staff discusses how to split up this year's teacher merit pay.